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How to set up a Social Farming network for the inclusion of young people with disabilities

PROFARM toolkit for skills' assessment and career guidance of young disabled students

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The aim of this report is to bring into light some of the main results deduced from the in-depth interviews that were taken in the Netherlands, Germany and Italy. Specifically, particular focus will be put on one aspect: the Case Manager’s profile

With this document, we present the three tools identified by the project partners for the selection, skills' assessment and evaluation of learning outcomes of young disabled students involved in work-based learning activities in Social Farming. 

In this report we investigate the role that conscious and unconscious stakeholders already carry out for the promotion and support of Social Farming in the territories interested by the PROFARM experimentation and not only. 

We have developed a set of flexible guidelines for the establishment of Social Farming territorial networks. These networks focus on the support of the professional and personal empowerment of students with disabilities and special needs through Social Farming. 

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